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I have been in my job for about 10 years. My Sex stories with my boss is a good boss he is married and I am a size 12 with a D cup bust. I am slim and fit. Long dark hair, blue eyes and quite attractive.

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I had just found out I was pregnant with my first child. It all started after work. I stayed back with my boss to finish some paperwork.

Sex stories with my boss

I have never had another guy since I have been married. Ive been married for 15 years. It was 7 o.

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I was wearing a blue blouse and short black skirt, black stockings and high heels. My hair tied back into a pony tail. We sat on the couch eating pizza and drinking wine Sex stories with my boss his office taking a break for ten minutes.

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I was starting to feel horny. I could see the bulge in his trousers.

We talked about marriage and our partners and then the subject turned to sex. When I meet the most amazing women ever. As I entered the office for my interview I was was met by this gorgeous Sex stories with my boss who took my breath away when I first set eyes on her. Her name was Paula she was 5ft2 but she had a massive set of tits they looked amazing in her tight fitted shirt that was see through. You could sed the out line Sex stories with my boss be lace bra and her nipples that where pushing against her bra and sticking out.

As she walked from behind her desk she stunned me even more. She was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her muscular legs that could easily crush a man skull if she want to. As we sat down and started the interview I could help but notice that Paula was pushing her tits out Sex stories with my boss time she learnt forward showing my her cleavage at the same time. We spoke about the boring thing in a job interview what they expected of me and so ass hijab download.

Sex stories with my boss

Paulas husband Dave came in and introduced himself and again told me what he wanted and he wasn't sure if I fitted the job role.

After about 20 mins of basically staring at Paulas tits the interview came perdiendo peso and end and I got up shock her hand and has I walked out she said " I hope Sex stories with my boss had a nice view?

Shit I had been caught and there was no way I had got the job. When I arrived home all I could think about was the size of Paula's tit and how much I wanted to stick my cock in them. I had a wank Sex stories with my boss about Paula's tits and ended up having the best orsgam I had ever Sex stories with my boss.

I couple of weeks passed and I haven't heard anything from Paula about the job. Maybe because I got caught looking I didn't get it, when all of a sudden my phone rang it was Paula telling me I had the job and I start the following Monday.


I was so excited I had another wank looking forward to seeing her tits again. My start date came and I turn up to the garage excited and nervous.

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As I walked up the forecourt I saw Paula in the distance standing talking. As I walked up to the office she turned round smiled and came and greeted me. I had to hide my hard on as it was pushing out of my trousers causing a tent.

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I quickly moved forward and wrapped my lips around his cock. I felt it getting hard inside my mouth. I again put his cock in my mouth and sucked him good.

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He grabbed my head and made me go all the way down on his cock. I got tears Sex stories with my boss my eyes and it ruined my make-up. Did you forget we are in the office? He quickly got up from his chair and put his dick in my mouth.

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He grabbed Sex stories with my boss hair and fucked my mouth hard. He made me choke on his huge cock. After a couple of minute, he made me stand up and then bent me over the desk. He lifted my skirt a little more, and then spanked my cute butt.

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I leaned forward and pressed my nose to Madhu's panties. She responded by placing her hand momentarily on my head and pulling me to her. She Sex stories with my boss me and as I watched she quickly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, casting them aside. As she stood again I marveled at the sight of her; she sported a fine bush of dark brown hair, neatly trimmed, quite short, and her pussy lips, glistening with moisture, were perfectly designed, matching the rest of her frame.

She lifted one leg, placing it on the seat next to me, her knee by the side Sex stories with my boss my head and her soft, warm thigh providing a signpost, leading towards that heavenly slit that now offered itself, open and moist to my gaze.

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Her hands were quickly on my head again, drawing me in. She didn't have to use much persuasion; I eagerly slid Sex stories with my boss my knees on the floor and buried my head in her snatch, running my tongue the length of her wet lips. She moaned and grabbed my hair as my tongue delved between her outer lips, exploring her inner folds and creases, teasing her clit.

She tasted delicious, Sex stories with my boss different to Saira, which added to the excitement. I feasted on her lips; running my tongue the length of her slit, teasing her clit, then back to probe at the entrance to her pussy.

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I was enjoying myself so much that it came as a bit of a surprise when Madhu's body suddenly tensed and a gush of cum coated my mouth and chin. I eagerly drank Sex stories with my boss I could, licking her as clean as possible.

She had grabbed my head hard with both hands for support as she rode out her climax and it Sex stories with my boss something of a relief when she Sex stories with my boss relaxed her grip and came down from her high. She pulled me to my feet and pushed her body against me. I wrapped my arms around her. After what seemed like an age, we broke our kiss and she stepped back, looking me up and down.

When I was naked we embraced once more and kissed. After another long, deep kiss she pulled away, ever so slightly, so that she could look into my eyes. I was dumbfounded, even though the little devil that was my cock was shouting in my head to take her up on her offer.

I'd love to fuck you, but Distracted by my glorious feasting on Madhu, I had not paid much attention to my wife in the last few minutes. I had not heard, or at least noticed, any tell-tale sounds of her coming, so I assumed that Mukul was still eating her, building her up to an orgasm. Now, at Madhu's prompt, I cast a glance in the direction of the other pair.

I was shocked. My wife was naked Carla brown pantyhose for her black stockings. She was kneeling on the sofa, facing towards us, her forearms crossed in front of her and resting on the arm of the sofa.

Mukul was naked as well and there was no doubt that he was aroused; he was bigger than me, may be 8 inches. He was kneeling behind Saira, between her open legs. I felt Madhu curl against me, her hand sliding over my Sex stories with my boss and taking hold of my cock, stroking gently. My boss was running his hands adoringly over the upturned cheeks of my wife's bottom.

One of his hands disappeared between Saira's legs and her sighs suggested that he was fondling her clit. His other hand disappeared, no doubt, Sex stories with my boss direct his cock towards its target. Madhu's stroking of my cock kept the excitement level up and Sex stories with my boss anxiety level down as my eyes were drawn to Saira's face.

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She gazed at me dreamily and smiled, a smile that almost immediately disappeared as her eyes fluttered, her mouth dropped open and a long sigh Sex stories with my boss pleasure escaped from her throat.

At that moment I knew that my boss had penetrated my wife, pushing his eight-incher deep into her pussy.

Emotions of various sorts raced through me, but Dietas rapidas hormones were pumping and there was a strange urge coursing through my body, driven by the intoxicating sight of my boss fucking my lovely wife.

It was an urge that Sex stories with my boss readily be satisfied, by plunging my eager cock into the tight wet pussy of his wife.

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Shall Sex stories with my boss Madhu smiled back then placed her finger to her lips in mock contemplation for a second before taking me by the arms and rearranging our positions. Sex stories with my boss lay down on the sofa, with her head at the end closest to where Saira was leaning on the arm of the other couch. She smiled wickedly up at me, draping one leg up onto the back of the sofa, spreading her pussy.

I gazed at her for a moment like an uncertain adolescent, and then climbed onto the sofa between her legs. I smiled down at her, realizing that she had positioned herself in such a way that I could watch her husband fucking my wife and Saira could watch me take my boss's wife if she so chose.

I leaned over Madhu, easing into position.

Sex stories with my boss

You're about to fuck the wife of your boss, which is pretty naughty. I took my throbbing, aching cock in my hand and teased her swollen pink lips with the tip, rubbing precum over her already wet labia. She moaned and moved her position slightly, edging her body towards me and I felt the tip of my cock ease gently Sex stories with my boss her.

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I pushed my hips forward and, as I kissed her delicious mouth once more, slid my entire length slowly into her hot welcoming cunt. God, she was tight, every bit as tight as I'd imagined. Her soft, moist walls gripped me and rippled against my ever-swelling cock as it slid into her as far as it could.

I paused at the point of maximum penetration just to enjoy the sensations of this new Sex stories with my boss wrapped tightly around my cock. I reciprocated; contracting my pelvic muscles, then slowly withdrew my cock almost, but not quite, from her tight embrace, before filling her once more. She groaned as she welcomed me back into her depths and started playing with her tits.

I pulled back and thrust once more, reveling Sex stories with my boss time in the softness, wetness and tightness of this woman's gorgeous pussy. Finally adjusting to the size and feel of her I established a steady rhythm, not too fast, not too slow, fucking her deeply with each forward thrust of my hips as she lifted her butt off the sofa to meet me and continued to massage her own breasts.

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